Yesterday I watched a group of four students synchronize their rowing strokes in a four-person sculling boat. It was fascinating to watch their coach stop them over and over again until their strokes matched perfectly one another. Only when they were perfectly synchronized did he allow them to row together for any distance. Every coach knows you have to get the fundamentals right if you hope to succeed.

coachHow are your fundamentals? Are you synchronized? We must have the four parts of our selves working together as a team; mind, subconscious, body and soul if we wish to be successful. If these parts are not working together, or even worse, opposing one another, how can we expect to be our best?

Do your goals match your subconscious beliefs? Does your life reflect the values of your soul? Are you doing ‘what feels right’, following your deepest instincts? Are the four parts of your self in harmony with one another and functioning together as a team? These are questions you must ask yourself.

This blog’s takeaway: We are made up of four parts; mind, subconscious, body and soul and it is our responsibility to have them work together as a team.