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чего вы хотите достичь?

Финансового успеха, улучшить здоровье и самочувствие, а может даже достичь духовного просветления? О чём бы вы ни мечтали, вы можете достичь этого, используя силу своего разума.


  • 5 star review  It works when you aren't just reading his books but when you apply it in your life

    Вика Пахомова Avatar Вика Пахомова

    5 star review  I am rereading John's book Mind power and I am finding it great thank you

    Celine Kilcoyne Avatar Celine Kilcoyne

    5 star review  Great inspiration to everyone.

    Sunny Soe Avatar Sunny Soe
  • 5 star review  su energía de vivir bien.

    Isela Salas Avatar Isela Salas

    5 star review  I highly recommend John Kehoe's Mind Power training program!

    Joy Colson Avatar Joy Colson

    5 star review  John Kehoe mind powers helps me to make sense of life and allows me to really know myself and understand others. His contribution I feel is a God send.

    Grant Whitman Avatar Grant Whitman
  • 5 star review  HIs Mind Power program. To retrain your mind. Awesome!

    Noella Tetreault Avatar Noella Tetreault

    5 star review  Great Man John Kehoe

    Agboifo Bishop Avatar Agboifo Bishop

    5 star review  Read John's book back in the day and it was a game changer!

    Steven Baltazar Dos Ramos Avatar Steven Baltazar Dos Ramos
  • 5 star review  he empowered to have a lifestyle of my dreams through my own efforts

    Dondo Dithebe Avatar Dondo Dithebe

    5 star review  I was the very first student attending Mr Kehoe's MIND POWER lecture at the Ballaleika Hotel in Sandton many years ago! Excellent speaker!

    Nicholas Veliotes Avatar Nicholas Veliotes

    5 star review  Best... So far!!!!

    Beatriz Cortez Torre Tababa Avatar Beatriz Cortez Torre Tababa
  • 5 star review  This was the 1st ever book that completely blew me away. still remember and adhere to the principles therein !

    Manisha Ramdhin Avatar Manisha Ramdhin

    5 star review  Rekindling factual belief systems in a wonderful, relate able way.

    Aishwarya Raj Avatar Aishwarya Raj

    5 star review  So glad I got this information. Thank you!

    Vladimir Alexeenko Avatar Vladimir Alexeenko
  • 5 star review  This is a great lecture. I love it. It changes my understanding about mind power. Practise practise practise

    James Hutabarat Avatar James Hutabarat

    5 star review  One of the greatest mans who help the other people to live better with his tehniks and philosophy!

    Nikolai Dichev Avatar Nikolai Dichev

    5 star review  John's philosophies and teachings are easy to learn and incorporate in your day to day life. Excellent tools to be learned so you can create the life you want. Highly recommended to see him live and listen to his teachings.

    Linda Ann Farruggia Avatar Linda Ann Farruggia
  • 5 star review  Now I know that nothing in life by chance! I learned about John Kehoe a few years ago when I started taking one of his online training... This really created a different reality for me, I am now very aware of the immense power that I have as a human being. thank you so much!!!! I knew I was going to be one day in a workshop with John and that day happened last week, my expectations were meet and I hope I will be able to attend another of his training... Highly recommend it to anyone that is exploring their inner power!!

    Paola Viviana Murillo Avatar Paola Viviana Murillo

    5 star review  Great experience! Will be purchasing his programs online on his website. Thank you for the positive and healing vibes! ???

    Jennifer Eastman Avatar Jennifer Eastman

    5 star review  John Kehoe is the greatest personal development teacher I have experienced in my long journey of self improvement; his Learn Mind Power course is the easiest to understand, it encompasses almost everything one ever needs for an improved life!

    Charles Sperling Avatar Charles Sperling
  • 5 star review  Thank you so much John, Robin and Sylvia for the outstanding seminar! What an absolute pleasure being there, powerful energy, wonderful people, including great crew, fantastic vibrations! I found my beam of light and am now ready to embrace it and enjoy the journey!

    Giovanna Ferrario Avatar Giovanna Ferrario

    5 star review  You are the gift of the planet. I'm Now knowing who I AM. Reycha. Vancouver Canada

    Reycha Al Glounney Avatar Reycha Al Glounney

    5 star review  I am a seven-times-World Masters track cycling champion, and the mind power techniques were a huge factor in my success. I could also write a long list of the successes I have had in other areas of my life after completing the course back in the 90s.

    Megan Blatchford Avatar Megan Blatchford
  • 5 star review  John Kehoe truly understands the power of the human mind to create the life you dream of. I have no doubt that if you follow his teachings, in time, you will find yourself living those very dreams. "Follow" his instructions and you will know this is true.

    Jim Shane Avatar Jim Shane

    5 star review  Out of all the books I have readed this is the one that totally creates your reality!

    Rose Williams Avatar Rose Williams

    4 star review  My first self help book ever read was "Mind Power". Life changing book!

    Chris van Eck Avatar Chris van Eck
  • 5 star review  Thank you for putting these ancient philosophy in such clear and motivating words.

    Daniela Gotta Avatar Daniela Gotta

    5 star review  John's mind power is the best method I have found to truly transform once life practically. It is not about positive thinking rather it is about controlling/ directing your thoughts to whatever result you wish to achieve. I highly recommend the course.

    Negash Arefa Avatar Negash Arefa

    4 star review  John Kehoe is a great human being, and he likes to help people. I remember back in Singapore when he was staying at our house, he helped us sell our Magic Comedy Show by intercepting and answering a phone call from a client who wanted info on our show. Our normal price back then ranged from $500 to $1,000, but John told the potential client he could have the normal show for $1,000 or he could have the Deluxe Show for $2,000. To our amazement the client went with the Deluxe show! The power of positive reinforcement and attitude! Our price went up and so did the quality of our show! We even named a show after him, "The Moon Cake Show"(because John loved Mooncakes)

    Chedly Saheb-Ettaba Avatar Chedly Saheb-Ettaba




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