Thoughts are real forces. It is about harmonizing the four parts of our selves so we can feel fulfilled and learn to be successful in all areas in our life.

It begins with the most amazing discovery anyone can ever make; the discovery that we are much greater than what we originally suspected. This happens when we realize that we are more than just a body and a mind but actually have four parts that make up who we are. A body and mind, which we already know, but also a subconscious mind and a soul, which we may have not known or if we knew we had only a superficial understanding of how they worked. It is these two parts that make things really interesting and knowing this changes not just how we look at ourselves but how we view the world as well.

15488712 - explosion of imaginationWe must first understand that our conscious mind thinks thoughts and these thoughts are real forces. This is the first law in my Mind Power Training; Thoughts are real forces. Think about this law this week. Contemplate the reality that every thought you think is a force of energy and is having an effect in your life. Every thought! The power of our thoughts is little realized by the average person and until it is they are unlikely to be as successful as they can or should be. Thoughts are real forces. This is your mantra for this week. Repeat it to yourself not once or twice but hundreds of times. Doing this will build up a pattern of energy and help you understand the implications of this amazing law.

We are designed and wired to be tremendously successful in every area of our life. Never doubt your capabilities to be successful but rather be committed to knowing everything you can about who you are and how you function as a human being.

This blog’s takeaway: Thoughts are real forces.