We all procrastinate, some of us more than others. Why is it so common? Well…it’s an easy way out. Not only do we not have to do whatever is required but we successfully justify our decision by telling ourselves we will do it later. How brilliant!
33977882 - young man relaxing on sofa in the living room, feet close-up.Want 10 good reasons to help you feel better about procrastinating? Read this…

1) Maybe if I put it off till next month the task that needs being done will magically look after itself without me having to do anything. That’s genius!
2) Maybe someone else will do it, taking the responsibility away from me. That’s smart!
3) Maybe it isn’t even necessary and I’m wasting my time. My time is too valuable to waste. This is great time management!
4) In a month I will have more information and time to do it than I do now and if I don’t I can always procrastinate doing it for another month.
5) If I do it today I might make a mistake and be worse off than if I didn’t do it at all. Whew… good thing I thought of that. Better think about it some more.
6) Procrastination is easy, work and decisions are hard. I deserve an easy life.
7) Successful procrastination takes talent and I’ve always thought of myself as talented. I too can succeed at procrastination.
8) Procrastination is a natural function of living like breathing and eating. We shouldn’t mess with the natural rhythms of life.
9) People who procrastinate live longer and have better sex lives.
10) Some of the greatest achievers in the world have undoubtedly been procrastinators. I’ll let you know their names when I research it.

If you think these 10 reasons are valid and worthy then I’m glad I’ve helped you. Now, if you don’t mind, I would also like to sell you some waterfront property, however, you’ll have to view it at low tide.
Let me know if you’re interested.

This blog’s take-away:  Don’t be too hard on yourself!