19362576_mlWe should never complain about difficult situations when they present themselves to us.

They are the ways by which we become stronger; they are our partners in the dance of life.

If we wish to have patience, we require frustrating times so that patience has room to grow.

If we wish to be courageous, we require challenging situations to call forth courage within us.

If we wish to be disciplined, we require temptations to test our resolve.

If we wish to be positive, we require disheartening experiences that could easily make us negative.

If we wish to have faith, we require situations where all seems lost.

Like a plant, we need not just the sunshine but also the rain as well to thrive.

Without adversity we would never develop our talents to their full capacity or know what we are really capable of. Without adversity we would be less than what we are.

This blog’s takeaway: Everything that is happening to us is making us stronger, wiser and more whole. Everything!