(Continued from What You See is What You Get — Part I )

Once we become aware of how much our daily experiences are influenced by our inner programs, the more imperative it becomes to examine our beliefs and be prepared to change those beliefs that are limiting us. To do this we need to see and understand the «lens» through which we are viewing the world. We need to view it without criticism or judgement, and to know ourselves at a deep level. We need to know ourselves as our subconscious knows us. This means being courageous, but if we can do so we may discover within ourselves limiting and self-defeating beliefs that are holding us back from achieving what it is we want. We must deal with our beliefs directly. There is no other way to lasting change. Each belief must be examined carefully. Not as to whether it’s true or not, for «our» truth will always match the lens we wear and thus be validated, but as to what effect it may be having upon our life. Many limiting beliefs have unfortunately been accepted by us, have taken root within the subconscious, and are now reflecting back to us as experience.

13275005 - head in clouds contains spaceRemember all beliefs will seem real in terms of physical data, since your experience in the outside world is the manifestation of these beliefs. So your approach in changing beliefs is not to ask whether they are real or not, but rather to ask if these beliefs serve you well. Do these beliefs assist or hinder me in my goals? As an example, I would like you now to list below ten beliefs about money and success. Do not concern yourself with whether these beliefs are positive or negative, or whether other people believe as you do. We are looking for your beliefs. Nobody else need see this list or even know about it. But to be effective it must be done with complete honesty, and from your inner truth and experience. You might want to close your eyes for a minute to prepare. When you’re ready, list your beliefs before you continue reading.

Now read over the list. Imagine, one by one, these beliefs resonating within you, attracting or repelling circumstances according to their vibration. As you do this, it will be clear to you that some beliefs are working for you and some against you. Now beside those that are working against you, hindering you, place an X.

Now examine each belief with an X independently. Realize that because you believe it and experience it does not mean this belief is real in any absolute sense. It may be real for you in your life and experience, but what does that prove? Only that you are experiencing that reality and are living the truth of that belief. But is this belief and truth real for everyone? Here we can test this belief. Ask yourself these questions:

Does every single person have this belief?
Does it conform to every lens?
Are there people who do not have this belief, and if so what are their experiences?

By doing this what you will find is that no belief or truth is absolute in any real sense. This being so, you can choose to free yourself of any undesirable belief and take on whatever new one you want. You literally get to choose your beliefs.
Changing beliefs can be accomplished if you’re willing to keep an open mind. It will take courage and discipline, and initially what you will be doing will defy your logic and senses, but this is a small price to pay for harnessing the powers of your mind and taking charge of your destiny.

Before I go any further let me state clearly that no one can change your beliefs for you, nor can they be forced upon you from without. You and only you can decide what it is you will choose to believe.

The system I’m proposing to you will, however, take a certain leap of faith. It cannot be explored half-heartedly, but will demand a genuine commitment. I am not offering a philosophy but a practice, and this practice will take a daily commitment. Are you up for the challenge?

I hope so, because the astounding fact is that you can create whatever reality you choose by working with your thoughts and beliefs. Once you begin applying these methods this fact will become self-evident, and will be validated by the new realities you will be manifesting. A glorious life of power, abundance, health and prosperity awaits you. It all lies within.