I could have just as easily titled this section, «The Subconscious: The Hidden Engine of our Failure,» for both would be an accurate description of how the subconscious works in our life. According to the beliefs and imprints that we have allowed to enter into this hidden, mysterious part of our being, so will our life attract to us the conditions and circumstances that match the energy vortexes that vibrate within. For those of you who have followed my work, you will know that I have spent over thirty years teaching Mind Power worldwide and I love what I do. However, it was only ten years ago that I began to seriously probe the mysteries of the subconscious and learn the methods and techniques that unlock the secrets held within. And it was during my three year «listening» sabbatical, from 2002 to 2005, that my work took a quantum leap in understanding the subconscious. Now it is the centre of my teaching and what I am most passionate about, so over the next two months I will devote this space to sharing with you some of the things I have learned about the subconscious.

But first let me explain why it is so important to comprehend, use and come into relationship with our subconscious.  We are a multi-dimensional being made up of a body, mind, soul and subconscious. If any part of our being is out of sync, then the whole will suffer.

47694738 - split personalityMostly we live in our minds. This is fine as long as the other parts of us are honored and listened to, especially the subconscious.  Why is the subconscious so important? It is important because it is the hidden engine of what happens to us. Not only that, but it is through the subconscious that we get our insights and inspirations, and the hidden mysteries are revealed to us. Our subconscious is proactive and will always respond to the requests we put to it. In fact, we have access to unlimited power and understanding when we learn the techniques for changing the inner patterns that reside within us on a subconscious level.

By coming into a working, functioning relationship with our subconscious we will improve our health, become more effective, increase our personal power, feel more in tune with ourselves and others, discover our life purposes and reclaim a life of power and destiny. We achieve all this by reclaiming the part of us that has always meant to be a functioning part of who we are, but instead has been ignored, misunderstood and neglected, to our own misfortune. In order to awaken and live a full life of power and opportunity this must change, and it can change when you understand the truths of the subconscious and apply the appropriate techniques.

TRUTH #1 — The Subconscious Has No Will of Its Own

Our subconscious mind has no will or agenda of its own. Its mandate and function is simply to manifest according to the beliefs and images that reside within it. It does not choose these beliefs and images, nor does it judge them. It will manifest prosperity just as easily as lack, sickness just as easily as health. Whatever resides within your subconscious is the blueprint to what you will experience in your life. To understand this is to understand something great. When we become conscious of this astounding truth, our next task is to discover what it is that we have residing within this all powerful faculty, for to know this much is to know the causes of everything that is happening to us.

TRUTH #2 — Patterns Are the Hidden Footprints of the Subconscious

Each of us have certain patterns in our life that defy logic, and no matter how many times we try to change these patterns they seem to have a power of their own that overrides our best attempts. Whether it is the workaholic who tries again and again to relax and take time off, only to find himself back working all the time again, or the person who tries to get ahead financially and demonstrate abundance only to find herself stuck in the same financial situation, struggling with money. We achieve success in some areas of our lives, and yet in certain other areas we do not. Why is this?

In most cases the reason is simply that we have a subconscious pattern that overrides our best intentions and desires. Let me share with you a law: when your desires are in conflict with subconscious patterns, the subconscious patterns will always win. This is a law, and until you change the patterns within that are sabotaging you, you will not achieve your desires.

Let me share with you an experience of mine. For many years I had the pattern of leaving relationships. It was very strange because I wouldn’t leave when the relationship was going badly but rather when it was going well. This happened time and time again in my life. Then one day in my mid-forties I was doing some subconscious work on myself when suddenly what popped into my conscious mind was the thought, «My mother didn’t leave me because I wasn’t good enough.» What a strange thought, I thought to myself, and of course she didn’t leave me because I wasn’t good enough.

Now a little background information. When I was thirteen my mother drowned. It was traumatic, as you can imagine, and I dealt with it the best I could, and it appeared to have no lasting effect. Yet here I was in my forties having the thought that, «My mother didn’t leave me because I wasn’t good enough.» All at once I got it. My subconscious mind had interpreted the drowning of my mother as her leaving me because I wasn’t good enough. I had also made a subconscious decision that I would never be hurt by a woman again. Notice I say subconscious decision because none of this was conscious.

So as an adult when a relationship became too intimate my subconscious kicked in and made me leave. How could I make that decision and how did the subconscious make the mistake of interpreting my mother leaving me as proof that I was not good enough? I will write about that next month and share more of the truths of the subconscious. Let me for now just say that anytime you see a recurring pattern in your life, it is safe to say that it represents footprints of the subconscious, and until these footprints are understood and changed, you are unlikely to change that pattern.

Finally just let me say that once I understood the faulty images I had within my subconscious, I immediately began reprogramming new beliefs, and within six months I met the most amazing woman who was smart, sexy and spiritual and everything I had dreamed of. Needless to say I didn’t have to leave because the old patterns had been replaced with new ones, and now, fifteen years later, we are happily married and I am more in love with her today than the day I married her.