As many of my readers of this site know, I have been on a three-year sabbatical. This time has been very powerful and rewarding for me on many levels. Firstly, it has allowed me to view myself, my life, and my work from a fresh perspective. You will be happy to know that I hold all three in the highest esteem and am coming back with renewed commitment to them.

Secondly, I am coming back from the sabbatical with a depth of understanding of the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the soul which far transcends my previous understanding. So in these upcoming months I will be revisiting topics I have written about before and infusing them with new insights and perspectives.

52141524 - profile of a bearded man head with a symbol of neurons in the brainI am now in South Africa doing three weekend seminars on the Mysteries of the Subconscious and the Soul, so I can’t think of a better way to begin this month’s topic than with a fresh and new exploration of the subconscious mind.

To understand the subconscious one must first understand that we do indeed possess a second hidden mind that functions day and night beyond the awareness of the conscious mind. Understanding and working with this second mind is the basis of all mind power techniques. It is also the key to your success and happiness. Those individuals, and they are the vast majority of us, who live their lives without an understanding and working relationship with their own personal subconscious, limit themselves immeasurably. This is unfortunate, for it is not difficult to establish a functioning relationship with your subconscious. All it takes is a basic understanding of the dynamics of the subconscious, and a will to establish a relationship with it. So let’s begin by examining this second hidden mind that exists within all of us, first from an overall perspective, and from there we can work out the details of how to effectively work with it.

The subconscious has two main functions. The first is to give you guidance and insight that transcends your normal everyday conscious mind awareness. The second is to interact with the vibrating matrix of your reality, attracting to you the circumstances and situations that approximate the vibrations of your inner mythology.

It is this second function that I now wish to explore. Now when I speak of your “inner mythology,” what I am referring to is the myriad of beliefs that you have resonating within you on a subconscious level. Often we are unaware of what our subconscious beliefs are, and it is only through inner stalking and personal archaeology that we discover them, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

We have beliefs about every area of our life. We have beliefs about money, sex, relationships, other people, ourselves, our opportunities or lack of opportunities, our health, our bodies, even life itself. If our beliefs are faulty or limiting in any area of our life, this will result in our subconscious acting upon the etheric web of reality to attract to us these faulty limiting patterns.

Beliefs exist on a subconscious level. Hopes, desires, wishes, goals, intentions, these all exist on a conscious level. We think of them with our conscious mind. But beliefs are different. They are deeper and more entrenched. They are submerged vortexes of energy that we have unconsciously allowed to take root within us. If they are empowering, helpful beliefs such as, “I am a competent, talented person capable of great success, achievement and happiness,” then this will be our unconscious resonance and with this as our core belief we will attract to ourselves situations that match this imprint. Our subconscious will work day and night to make this a reality.

If, however, we have faulty, limiting beliefs such as, “I am an unworthy person and nothing ever works out for me,” this then becomes our inner resonance. And our subconscious, which works with whatever resonance has been imprinted, regardless of what it is, will attract to us situations which match these images.

I think it is plain to see that knowing and understanding what our subconscious imprints are is critically important if one wishes to have a happy, successful, fulfilling life.

Next month we will examine the methods of discovering what our inner subconscious beliefs are, but first I will give you a hint, and something to think about this month. Namely, that your life is a reflection of your subconscious patterns. Your life’s limitations, as well as your life’s successes, reflect quite accurately what you are vibrating subconsciously.