Continued from: The Fundamental Truth of Who We Are — Part III

This month I will explore with you the third aspect of our consciousness, namely the soul. One can use whatever name or term you choose to define this heightened consciousness (higher self, inner self, and still small voice are a few that are commonly used), but I choose to use the world “soul.” While to some it will have a religious or spiritual connotation, in fact it goes far beyond these definitions, and is a very real and powerful aspect of who we are. To become aware of our soul consciousness is to be aware of a reality that transcends our physical reality, this plane transcribed by space and time.

22368725 - man with conceptual spiritual body artWe are a multi-faceted being with not one but three centres of consciousness. Over the previous two months I have briefly explained the dynamics and functions of both the conscious and the subconscious mind. Now comes the most challenging of all, for in attempting to reveal the truths of the soul we are entering into deep mysteries reserved for the most advanced students. However, each person can of their own volition become aware of at least the concept of a soul, and from that concept you can build a bridge that will eventually allow you to experience for yourself the transforming aspects of soul consciousness.

You begin by contemplating the fact that there are worlds and realities beyond the known physical universe. In fact the physical universe as we know it is but a small part of the vibrating matrix in which we live.

Physicist David Bohm, whom I write about in Mind Power into the 21st Century, presents very convincing arguments which indicate that, despite its apparent materiality and enormous size, the physical universe does not exist in and of itself, but is the product of something far vaster. More than that, it is not even a major production of this vaster something, but is only a passing shadow, a mere hiccup in the greater scheme of things. According to his understanding, there are countless inner dimensions which we are only beginning to discover.

Our soul resides in these inner dimensions, in a state of consciousness beyond space and time. It is a higher, expanded and transformed consciousness where past, present and future exist simultaneously, and where all reality exists as part of one whole. It is part of the vibrating matrix which is beyond our comprehension. It is not possible to understand your soul and its power by simple logic, for it transcends logic. To know one’s soul requires faith in the unseen worlds and a determination to pass through the veils that separate our worlds. Now faith is not blind acceptance of some religious dogma or position, as some might think, but rather a mode of consciousness whereby the mind feels comfortable taking leap after leap, from sensory logic to unknown dimensions, trusting the deep inner instincts that propel it forward.

Our conscious mind cannot by itself come to grips with realities that transcend logic, but fortunately something else within us can. It is this innate urge within that suddenly or gradually awakens within us, and this happens at different times for different individuals. For some the search for soul consciousness will be of little interest, and for others a burning desire. I used to think it had to do with the amount of inner work one did, but my opinions are changing, and I now see it as a product of an evolutionary seed that lies dormant within each of us until awakened, and the search for answers begins. This awakening is akin to what happens with the wild salmon that swim the oceans oblivious to a biological calling until one day, without warning, it suddenly prompts the salmon to leave the ocean and return to the very stream it was spawned in, overcoming tremendous obstacles and hardships to fulfill its mission. We too are called, or rather awakened to return to our source and reclaim our soul consciousness. To experience the fullness of our being in a way that could never be imagined by the conscious mind.

No one will be denied this experience if they are sincere in their desire. A few simple practices will help you begin on the path, and the rest will be revealed to you as you advance by your own intuition.

1. Build up a body of images and ideas that reflect your understanding of the soul. Think of it as a centre of consciousness that transcends our normal consciousness and has great wisdom and understanding. Contemplate and meditate upon these things regularly.

2. Before going to bed at night, and upon waking, ask your soul to reveal itself to you. This practice shows your intention and builds up a powerful vibration that attracts what you are asking for.

3. Choose a system of spiritual/religious/mystical/self-help/training that resonates with you and can be a catalyst for awakening your soul consciousness.

If you practice these steps you will begin experiencing “moments of clarity.” These moments will consist of a heightened sense of awareness, where you see and feel your reality at a deeper, more profound level. You will come to intuitively “know” that life is deeper and more profound than our conscious mind understands. Your mind will receive new concepts and undergo an expansion that leaves you breathless at its scope and profundity. These “moments” are steps on the path, and when they pass, you lose the brilliance of the vision, but something is left behind. You never return to the old self. It is often small and fragile, this new awareness, but if it is treasured, honoured and nourished, it grows strong within us. Illumination happens by the gradual and persistent introduction of the mind to higher modes of consciousness than that which are built up from normal sensory experience. These mystical or enlightening experiences produce an intensification of awareness, and from this quickening of the mind comes astounding insights and revelations.

Within soul consciousness we see clearly our own human drama, and the steps necessary to fulfill our ultimate destiny. It is not to the privileged few that this honour is given; it is available to all who honestly and sincerely seek its wisdom.

Your soul is a part of who you are. The truth of our being (the title of the past three months’ topics) is that we have three levels of consciousness: the conscious mind, the subconscious, and the soul. Aligning all three to a functioning whole is the goal and ultimate achievement of the enlightened being. If you feel inclined to pursue this path, be encouraged to know that many before you have pursued it, and that the path is well marked in the inner worlds to guide the sincere and dedicated seeker.