Becoming Aware of How Life Force Leaks Away From Us Unnecessarily

(Continued from: Life Force Part II)

For the last few months we have examined and explored the phenomena of life force, with the objective of increasing its flow into our being.

To review briefly, each of us receives/absorbs a certain minimum amount of this mysterious life force each moment of each day, just by being alive. This flow of life force is what gives us life, insight, consciousness. Without it we would die. When our life force is increased, it flows into all aspects of our being. We become more astute, clear, able to function at a high level of excellence. When we are «in the flow,» feeling and performing well, it usually is an indication that our life force levels are high.

Conversely, when our life force is low, when it leaks away, every aspect of our being is affected. Understanding this, the intelligent person becomes aware of not only what increases life force, but what decreases it as well. This way the astute person can promote and practice the methods of increase, and avoid those activities that decrease life force. Becoming aware of this ebb and flow of life force within us will make a huge difference in how we live our life. With practice we will naturally adopt good life force habits.

48484621 - depressed worried young man with worried desperate stressed expression hands covering face and brain melting into lines question marks. depression, anxiety disorders, life failure. gray backgroundAs I mentioned previously, our life force is intimately connected to our thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts hinder the flow of life force, and these we must beware of. The main negative thoughts and emotions to look out for are those connected to guilt, hate, self-pity, fear and worry. All these always drain life force from us. Let’s briefly examine these emotional states:

Guilt: Each of us has incidents in our life where, if we were to relive them, we would probably do things differently. This is only natural. We are all human. As the old saying goes, «To err is human; to forgive divine.» To be human is to make mistakes. No one is immune. No one is perfect. If you let go of your past mistakes and errors in judgement, learning whatever lessons need to be learned from that experience, then this is healthy. Unfortunately many of us beat ourselves up over and over again over past mistakes. To hold yourself responsible in this way and to live with guilt daily is to be trapped in the past. This vicious cycle of self-abasement cuts off life force and weakens us.

Hate: One of the most toxic energy substances and to be avoided at all costs. Hate, whether it be self-hate or directed towards another, almost always causes serious illness to those individuals who foolishly indulge in its cesspool energy. I don’t care how justified you feel you are in hating another individual, you do so at your own risk. Think about how you feel when you hate. Take a minute right now and spend 60 seconds thinking about someone you dislike. Really get into it and hate that person for a full 60 seconds, and then observe how you feel when you’re finished. Why would you ever want that energy in you on a regular basis? Be aware that the person you are hating is not adversely affected by your hate – you are.

Self-Pity: Every life has things to be happy about and things to be unhappy about. If you want to feel sorry about yourself, you only have to look at your life to discover many reasons to be unhappy. Likewise if you want to feel gratitude for what is happening in your life, there are many reasons to be thankful. It’s your choice how you perceive your life. If you choose self-pity, and you have the right to choose it, self-pity will cause unhappiness.

I’m not suggesting that we go around trying to be happy every moment of every day. Nor am I suggesting a Pollyanna perspective that ignores the sometimes-harsh realties of our life. No life is ideal. We all have crises and issues that are unpleasant. If you want to feel depressed or indulge in self-pity, why not give yourself an afternoon and really get into it. Sometimes this can act as a healthy release, so go ahead, wallow in your misery, feeling how truly rotten and miserable your life is. Then, when you’re finished, let go of your misery and move on. But to indulge daily in self-pity will make it a habit that will leak life force from you.

Fear and Worry: Fear and worry are mind power techniques in reverse. Whatever you fear and worry about you attract. I know that’s unfair, but it is the truth and law of our being. Avoid the bad habits of fear and worry. Train your mind to focus on what you want to happen, rather than imagining what you don’t want happening. It’s so obvious and simple, and yet many people fall into these bad mental habits and suffer the consequences both internal and external.

As a practitioner and student of Mind Power, you know how to think and create using your thoughts. In understanding life force you have an added reason to be aware of your thoughts. We now realize that not only do negative states of mind affect our success, but also our wellness and ability to perform at our best. Our very essence and being is affected by how we think and feel. So here is what I suggest you do. Start working daily with life force. Take an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses from a life force perspective. What practices do you regularly do that increase it? Where does it leak away? What changes can you make?

Practice noticing what adds to your life force and what decreases it. Get to know yourself well. Experiment with new ways to increase life force. Eliminate the ways that decrease it. Notice how you «feel» when you do these methods. Each of us is different and has different strengths and weaknesses. With practice you will develop a system that suits you. The goal of course is to increase and maintain a high level of energy and life force. Doing so on a regular basis will add to our life immeasurably.