The subconscious mind has three main functions. Firstly, by acting upon the brain stem, it controls the bodily functions such as the heartbeat, blood flow, breathing, repair of cells and tissues, and hundreds of other process that are beyond our conscious understanding.

Secondly, any thought or belief that has been accepted by the subconscious resonates and vibrates within you. This vibration, like a tuning fork, attracts the people, circumstances and events that match the images and concepts you have within. This function of the subconscious is what makes mind power so effective in manifesting our goals and desires.

Thirdly; the subconscious mind, being holographic and a part of all reality, has access to infinite amounts of information not readily available to the conscious mind. The ways of accessing this information are varied; however our intuition is one of the easiest and most reliable ways, and this will be what I’ll explore over the next several months.

47162211 - illustration of a third eye mystical signIntuition is a function of the subconscious. We all have it and it works for everyone. Obviously, the more you use and understand it the more effective it is. Like anything, practice makes you better. Also your trust and belief in your intuition has an effect as well. If, for example, you laugh and scoff at intuition as an old wives’ tale, if you don’t put any value on it whatsoever, it will be unlikely that your intuition will come to you; or if it does, that you will be open and aware enough to receive it. On the other hand, if you believe in intuition, watch for it and act upon it when it does arrive, it will frequent you more often. So obviously your belief in its existence is a factor.

This belief, however, does not have to be blind faith. Belief comes from reading, researching, and ultimately from looking within and experimenting with intuition. When you practice going within regularly, you will surely discover this second powerful inner self, and from this discovery a whole new life revolves. We realize that we are no longer limited to just our conscious mind and five senses.

In my twenty-three years of teaching Mind Power I have never once met a person who cannot tap into their subconscious and use their intuition. However, before I continue, let me say that the word «intuition» itself is a bit of a misnomer. Referring to it as a noun makes it sound like a wise sage, or something you get to by «using my intuition.» A better and more accurate way to look at it would be to think of it as a process – a verb.

«I intuited the answer.» While this may sound funny to the ear it is a more accurate description. You don’t use your intuition to get answers – you «intuit,» and through this process you access the wealth of information contained within our subconscious.

Always remember that in tapping into your subconscious you are connecting into the web of all reality. Each of us has a personal subconscious which contains every event of our life, as well as a collective subconscious. The «collective unconscious,» as Jung called it, is not limited to our personal knowledge and experiences. It draws upon the collective wisdom of all knowledge past, present and, in a strange way, even future. Our subconscious is not limited by time and space; it transcends physical reality. It is in many ways the ultimate Internet connection. Whatever you need to know, you can go within and discover it.

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