Before I discuss what faith is, it might be easier to begin by briefly discussing what it is not. Faith does not involve religious dogma, although some refer to their religion as “their faith.” Nor is it a blind acceptance of a set of rules and beliefs. Faith is something far beyond beliefs. Faith is a vibration of energy, and is probably the most powerful and yet most misunderstood energy that we have available to us as human beings.

Faith comes from contemplation, experience and a willingness—no, more than a willingness—a personal quest to probe and understand the deeper workings of life and our relationship with it. Faith and personal growth go hand in hand, and if you are honest, sincere and diligent in following the path of personal discovery, you will encounter the power and possibility of faith.

43691678 - leap of faith concept elephant jumping across a crevasseI have faith in myself and faith in the inner and outer workings of the matrix, and this has come from contemplation, experience and testing through trial and error to discover a system that produces consistent results in my life. Note I say consistent results, not guaranteed results; this is not a flawless system that produces one hundred percent results each and every time (beware of systems that promise this). However, I have discovered a system of beliefs and actions that help me navigate through life in both good times and bad, and this is what you must do as well. Discover and adopt your own system. A system that will turn your desires and goals into reality. A system that will come to your aid in your darkest hours. Something you can trust. Something you can have faith in.

One may use a religion as a source of faith, if you choose, but only if, through study and contemplation, you can distill the wisdom from the dogma and arrive at a workable system that applies to all aspects of your life. This cannot be a mere conceptual model; it must be one that has been tested in the fire of life and proven worthy of your trust and faith. It must produce results in your life. Noticeable results. Results that are so conclusive and consistent that there is little room for any doubt that your system works. And because it works, you can have faith in it.

When you resonate and vibrate with the energy of faith you are working with powerful energy. An energy that will supply you daily with hunches, insights, and ideas on which you can act. An energy that will propel you into action, and through action, will attract to you the people, circumstances, events, the synchronicity that will manifest that which you are vibrating faith in.

Faith is more than confidence. Confidence comes from what you can see and experience. Faith also has the wisdom of our intuition, which draws upon the higher spiritual laws. With faith one comes to see the beauty, harmony and truth of this intricate system of our life, and how cause and effect resonate throughout it, and how our thoughts and actions produce results. To know and understand how this works is to know and understand something great.

As I approach my sixtieth birthday (Feb. 24th) and look back at the journey I have taken, it looks incredible, and yet it has a weave and pattern to it that is unmistakable. I have achieved success beyond my wildest imagination in all the areas of my life that are important to me. My health, my finances, my career, my marriage, my spirituality, my creativity, my love of travel and adventure. From this reflective stance of turning sixty and looking back forty-seven years to where I entered my teenage years, I can see clearly not only what has happened, but why it happened—the causes and choices that propelled my destiny. It was not luck or chance that created such an interesting life, but rather the natural unfolding of laws that were understood and applied.


I have faith because I have discovered that it is a powerful source of energy, and it has served me well, proving itself thousands of ways in my life. I have faith in following one’s passion because following mine has given me a fun, successful and interesting life. I notice also that all successful people follow their passion. I see a pattern there.

I have faith in the powers of the mind because when I use them regularly they work so astoundingly and so consistently that one would have to be a fool not to notice the effects they produce. And this is true not only of me, but of millions of people who follow the mind power system through my books, CDs, seminars and this website. It is a system that works for everyone when they apply it.

I have faith in my inner voice (the still inner voice), my intuition and my dreams because they have led me and guided me throughout my life, and when I follow their guidance I am well served. This I have learned from experience.

I have faith in myself. The multi-dimensional self of body, mind, subconscious and soul. I know that each of these parts of who I am has wisdom and knowledge for me to use and apply in my life. I know this because I have used them and seen the effect. I know that when I am balanced with all aspects of my self I am in harmony, creative, inspired and filled with energy.

I have faith in the unknown, the unknowable and the mystery of life. I do not need to know and understand the fine intricacies of life to have faith in it.

I have faith in a higher power, whether I call it God, the universe, or the Great Mystery, and in a hierarchy of beings and dimensions that span far into eternity. And I know that I am a part of this grand and mysterious system, and an important part as well. Important and at the same time insignificant. This is part of the great paradox, and I am comfortable with this paradox.

In conclusion, let me say that faith is available to all who desire it, yet it cannot be given to you. You must create and develop it yourself, and it must be built upon your own personal discoveries, not other’s. It will work for you when you have faith in it, and it will be useless if it is not true and authentic to you. It must be your faith, and a faith that is tested and used and found worthy. Each of us is called to have faith in our own unique way, but not all of us heed this call. Rise to the challenge and utilize this great power and it will be of great service to you. When you possess faith, you possess one of the ten virtues, and much will be given to you from resonating with this energy.