The Fundamental Truth of Who We Are — Part III

In my previous article,  I spoke of how we operate from three different levels of consciousness, and I explained how the conscious mind works within this structure. This month I want to talk about the subconscious mind, for it is understanding and harnessing the power of our subconscious that gives us true happiness and personal power.

For many people it comes as a surprise to learn that we have such a thing as a subconscious mind. The majority of humanity, as they try to lead meaningful lives and achieve their goals, remains in ignorance of this faculty. This is unfortunate, for to remain in ignorance of the subconscious is to remain in ignorance of the most powerful part of who we are. It is our subconscious mind that is the invisible director of our lives. All our work with mind power on a conscious level is in fact a process that influences and affects our subconscious.

15488712 - explosion of imaginationOur subconscious mind is much more receptive and has a greater capacity for attention than our conscious mind. Every event that has happened to us, every conversation we’ve had, every incident we’ve witnessed, down to the smallest detail, is recorded within the subconscious. While we might not consciously remember all these things, they are recorded within and are a part of our personal vibration. Many early childhood and adolescent experiences, both pleasurable and traumatic, vibrate within us and make us who we are now. Our personality and our choices in life are often a result of subconscious influences. Such is the power of the subconscious mind.

Besides recording our personal experiences, our subconscious is plugged into the vibrating matrix of all reality. We are all part of the dynamic system of the collective unconscious, and on a subconscious level we are all aware of things that would be impossible to know any other way. That is why our intuition is so powerful. Our intuition draws upon the collective unconscious and sees into the matrix of reality to inform us of greater truths. Such guidance is invaluable, and connecting with our intuition allows us to make better, more informed decisions. This is one of the ways our subconscious communicates with us.

Another means by which the subconscious makes its wisdom known to us is through dreams. You will see that I have devoted several articles to discussing dreams. For those of you who have not read the past monthly topics, there are many years of insights to view at your leisure. So I will not go over the same territory here again, other than to say that dreams are very often messages from the subconscious. Dreams employ the language of symbols, and the brilliant psychoanalyst Carl Jung has created a system that allows the serious student to quite accurately interpret these messages.

The third way the subconscious reveals itself to us is in the daily unfolding of our lives. All that happens to us has its causes within. While it is hard to decipher every single event and take meaning from it, one can begin to look for patterns in our life to see what they may be telling us. By patterns I mean similar types of occurrences that keep repeating over and over again in our lives. Attracting abusive partners, reoccurring illnesses, patterns of failing in business or struggling financially, all these can be indications of subconscious beliefs that are holding us back. In cases such as these, a person would do better to look within to see what beliefs are resonating there, attracting these events, rather than complaining about a string of bad luck. While much of our subconscious programming has happened without our being consciously aware of how it has been imprinted, we can take control of our lives by methodically creating new, more empowering beliefs. This is the great value of studying Mind Power. It reveals not only who we are, but also how we can regain control of our lives.

Now let me explain how we can consciously begin to program our subconscious. It is actually deceptively simple, and takes only will and persistence in using Mind Power techniques such as contemplation, visualization, affirmations and imprinting. And here is why it works so effectively. Any thought that is repeated over and over again will quite naturally begin to imprint itself upon our subconscious. Since our subconscious records everything regardless of its value, visualization and affirmation techniques done daily over a sustained period of time will have their desired effect. Now you might ask, “If the subconscious records everything automatically, why do we have to keep repeating the technique? Shouldn’t once be enough?” And you are right; even one time will have an effect. But the effect will be small, almost inconsequential. From over thirty years of practicing Mind Power, what I have discovered is that there is a very powerful effect that happens when you practice these techniques daily over a sixty- to ninety-day period. Doing your visualizations and affirmations for sixty days is not sixty times more powerful than doing them once; it is thousands of times more powerful. It is the repetition, again and again, over a continuous period of time that forms grooves within the subconscious, that creates lasting impressions. You can imprint into your subconscious any thought, belief or desire you choose, and once imprinted it will resonate and vibrate within, working tirelessly day and night to attract to you the circumstances that will bring you the goal of your desire, or should I say the goal of your inner projection. This month contemplate daily the power that you possess in your subconscious mind. Think of what you might achieve if you were to work with that power daily. Doing this exercise will excite you about the many opportunities that exist for you to make changes in your life. Your destiny is yours to create.

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