Mind Power: The Fundamental Truth of Who We Are — Part I

Writer, mystic and philosopher, William James, wrote in 1900:

The human individual … lives usually far within his limits; he possesses powers of various sorts which he habitually fails to use.

James further went on to describe our “habit of inferiority” which first captures us and then locks us in our own self-imposed limitations. What is so frightening and insidious about this situation is that it mostly happens without us being conscious of it, and it happens at a very early age. By the time we have reached adulthood, most of us have been confined within the concepts we have constructed about ourselves and the world.

30502754 - portrait of a young man showing his inner world as a monk meditating on a beautiful sky backgroundWe interpret the world both through our thoughts and our beliefs. What is real for us is what we think is real. But here we come to a fundamental truth of our being, and the implications of this truth are staggering. Namely, that not only do our thoughts and beliefs interpret our reality, but in a very real way they create our reality. “You are what you think,” is a true maxim, both for better and worse. For better, when we understand the nature of reality, and harness our thoughts to create and participate consciously in what is happening to us. For worse, when we remain unaware of the larger picture and fumble from experience to experience wondering why unfortunate experiences happen to us. Not knowing or appreciating the intimate relationship we share with our life, we strive and struggle daily. Breaking out of our ignorance and limitations is the goal of Mind Power.

The system you are learning on this website, and in my books and CD’s, is a system I developed over thirty years ago and have taught to millions of students. What is gratifying for me is not just the success of the program, but its effectiveness for every person. Simply stated, Mind Power works if you’re willing to work the system.

This month I want to point out several important truths as to why Mind Power works, and I would like you to meditate on and contemplate these truths this month. Do not just read this month’s topic and then forget it. Take each truth, and realize for yourself the validity and implications of what I say. Think about it several minutes each day. Let your mind explore and become excited about these concepts, for until a truth is fully realized within ourselves, it cannot be effectively used. It will just be an abstract concept. But when a truth is fully realized, it becomes a source of awareness and power for us. So for those of you who choose to contemplate these truths each day this month, you will be amply rewarded with deeper understanding.

1. All Is Energy

Everything in our known, physical universe is made up of energy. All the things you can see, touch, and feel are made up of energy. Your computer, your bed, your clothes, your music, your body, other people, trees, the wind, are all made up of vibrating energy. Even the things you can’t see, touch and feel are made up of energy – space, time, consciousness, outer space, subatomic particles, are all made up of energy. Everything in its purest most basic level is made up of energy. We live and move and have our being in a fathomless, limitless, infinite sea of energy.

Physicist Dave Bohm calls it the “implicate order.” According to Bohm, what lies behind all phenomena is vibrating energy which forms an “unbroken wholeness which connects us all.”

Now what does this mean to us? Well, it all depends upon the depth of your understanding, and your willingness to work with this new model of reality that science presents us. It can either be an interesting concept to be thought about and forgotten, or it can be a major turning point in your life. For me, it was a turning point. I contemplated for many months that “all is energy” until a deepened realization dawned on me. Namely, that my ability to be effective and successful in life depended upon my understanding and use of energy. That energy was the real currency and power in my life.

2. My Thoughts Are Energy

Since everything in the universe is made up of energy, my thoughts are also more than just “my thoughts;” they are also vibrating energy. Every thought I think is a form of vibrating energy. My fears are vibrating energy. My desires are vibrating energy. My confidence is vibrating energy. Every time I hate, judge, love, criticize, empower myself or others, I am participating in the act of vibrating a certain type of energy. Each thought has its own vibration. Hate vibrates at a different frequency than love. Feeling confident is a different vibration than feeling worthless. It is not just a different thought, but a different vibration of energy.

Thoughts that are repeated over and over again build up a pattern within our subconscious mind. This pattern of vibrating energy resonates within us day and night. What we think of ourselves matters. What we think of others matters. What thoughts we indulge in, either consciously or unconsciously, are having an incredible effect upon us. We become the energy that vibrates within us. We are what we think. We are what we vibrate. We are the energy of our thoughts.
So for those of you who wish to pursue a deeper understanding of what I am sharing, I suggest you take the two truths I have just expounded upon and make them yours by contemplating them this month. Simply spend several minutes each day “thinking about” what I’ve shared. Have a contemplation notebook by your side, and whenever an insight or clarity reveals itself, write it down. This way you will deepen your understanding.