Energy-wise, it is not just what we think and do that counts, but equally who we are. Who we are vibrates a unique frequency that resonates throughout the entire energy web. We cannot ignore who we are.  To develop character means we take on the qualities and habits that are most in alignment with our ultimate vision of ourselves. Petty habits that no longer serve us must be dropped, but when we drop our pettiness what do we replace it with?

Nature abhors a vacuum and will rush to replace whatever we eliminate with something else. But this works to our advantage, as it gives us an unprecedented opportunity to replace our pettiness with the opposite quality, then let this become our new vibration. We eliminate self-pity and replace it with gratitude. We drop our self-importance and develop humility. We change worry into confidence and fear into faith. We eliminate greediness with generosity; laziness with self-discipline. We become proactive in changing who we are.

40501462 - beautiful tourist in greece with the meteora monasteries in the backgroundWe look at all the habits we presently possess and ask ourselves do they serve us? Are they in our best interests? Do they help others? Do I want these qualities resonating within me? If the answer is no then we must change them into something else.

Discovering what qualities we possess and having the courage to face the truth of who we are is what I call personal archeology. Developing our character in this way gives us a new tool to shift ourselves into whatever we choose. We are able to change whatever we don’t like about ourselves and take on whatever qualities we admire. We do this because we understand the potentials of developing ourselves in this way.

Our ability to execute on our best intentions and to do great things depends on who we are. Developing character is envisioning the qualities that are most beneficial for us and having the discipline to practice them until they take hold within us. Courage, compassion, self-discipline, generosity, confidence, faith, creativity, resilience, all these and more exist for us as possibilities. There is no limit to what we can do and become when we put our mind to it. We can weave the web having a clear image of what we wish to be and become. Everything is possible to us.

Every day gives us opportunities for building character. It is in our interactions with others, how we deal with difficult situations and the challenges and opportunities of daily life where we demonstrate who we are. The game of life always gives us opportunities to enhance ourselves. Life is always putting us in situations that call forth the best in us, that can help us to grow. We need to be challenged in real life situations to see whether our character is solid or not. It is through this process that we build character and make ourselves strong. We should welcome everything that comes our way, knowing that all things serve their purpose when we have committed ourselves to excellence.

Why not take on the self-discipline to practice Mind Power each day for the next two months?