Changes and Chapters in One’s Life — Part III

This is the final segment of our three-part series. For new readers we suggest you read part I first.

Tips and Methods for Initiating Change

35867576 - close up of a wave washing up on the shore.4. Wake Up To Your Potential

All changes that are initiated by us in our life begin with an idea. We conceive of «a new way» to live our life. Life is extraordinarily fluid and receptive to change. This makes sense, since life itself consists of constant change.

Change is actually easier than you think. Our life is ever receptive to our grand plans. Hidden tides and currents will carry us forward when we are true to our vision. Think about it. What can you not do when a new decision is backed by constant thoughts and action? The practice of Mind Power is the study and practice of manifestation. Manifest well and you help not only yourself but many others. Don’t be timid; make changes that enhance your life dramatically.

The push towards closing one chapter of one’s life and opening a new one can have an epic quality to it. Catch the spirit of reinvention and the freshness, and enjoy the aliveness of a life that has embraced change.

5. Be Aware

Self-actualization and self-management call for us to recognize within ourselves where changes are necessary, and to welcome the opportunity to act in these moments of realization. If our determination is to live life fully, then we should welcome all opportunities to change when and as they present themselves. Not change simply for change’s sake, but as a calling from within ourselves that we hear and honour.

Trusting Life (see chapter Trusting Life – The Practice of Happiness) allows us to move into change and the unknown with confidence. The force fields we build around us when we set out to make our changes, in a Mind Power way, attract all sorts of people, opportunities, finances, new adventures. For every door that closes, a new one that we never imagined even existed will open and present new opportunities to us. This too is law, but rarely do we experience it until the old door is shut firmly behind us.

6. Be A Master of Change and Fluidity

Learn to relax into change, and change will take care of you. It will be both your teacher and servant, and will bring you many delights.

«There is a time for departure even when there is no certain place to go.» So said playwright Tennessee Williams, and it’s true. Sometimes we just know it’s time to change, even if we’re not sure what the change should look like, or how it will eventually play out. Change itself is calling, and we hear and honour the call. These instincts for change are within us for good reasons. They are the call to a full and interesting life. They are the call from the hidden secret parts of us that know us and our potentials well, better even than ourselves. They are the call to new adventures, the call to fulfill ourselves and discover our destinies.

Changing, moving on, closing chapters in one’s life can be messy, uncomfortable, and can cause others to question our choices. But these periods of confusion and discomfort are usually temporary, and almost always yield to exhilarating vistas of possibilities as new terrain is explored. Good fortune has an uncanny way of greeting the bold on their paths as they act upon their deepest instincts.

Look within. Be honest. Listen clearly, not to the inner chatter, but to the deep stillness of your inner self. Draw water and nourishment from this well and you will be quenched and empowered with courage and insight.
Be fearless and ruthless in your re-invention of your life. In doing so you are building a new life from the inside out. You are trusting yourself, your instincts, your vision and life itself to look after you. How bold! How daring! How incredibly aware!

7. Act Now

Begin this very moment to enact some change in your life. What part of you is crying for change? You know the answer deep within you, just listen. Once you’ve heard, act, and do what is called to be done. Surprise yourself with your boldness. Your action doesn’t have to be large or earth shattering; it can be small and symbolic. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make that step today.

Waiting for the time to be right before you change is fraught with danger, for if the truth be told, the time is never right. There will always be reasons to postpone what you know is important to you. Responsibilities, obligations, opportunities and obstacles will all try to distract you from what you have to do. Do not be snared in their illusions. When you act from your inner vision, and you act now, these seemingly insurmountable reasons for not acting will be swept away, and you will be on your way.

Never has there been a better time to act than now. Now, today, this very second is your point of power. Don’t hesitate or procrastinate another moment; your new life is beckoning. It awaits your arrival.