Changes and Chapters in One’s Life — Part I

Changes and Chapters in One’s Life - Part I A life well lived consists of a myriad of experiences. Goals, ideas, philosophies will appear, have their time with us, then morph into something new and different. There will be many destinations, departures, arrivals, countless thousands, no millions of details that cause a life to indeed be a complex event. If we were to use the analogy of one’s life as being a book, then it is safe to say this book will have many chapters. Author and philosopher Joseph Campbell said, "It is not until the later stages of one’s life that you look back and see that each experience has a symmetry and reason and fits perfectly into the fabric of your life." This is indeed true, but do we need to wait till the closing chapters of our life to understand this strange unfolding of our life? Might we not be better served by understanding earlier the nature of some of the hidden laws that weave themselves throughout the fabric of our lives? The answer is of course yes, but where does one look? To live life as a mythic journey (rather than a bewildering experience) one learns [...]

Changes and Chapters in One’s Life — Part II

Changes and Chapters in One’s Life - Part II I'm always amazed when individuals try to play it safe in life. Often it is either fear of change or inertia that keeps them stuck. "If I don’t rock the boat, make any major changes, life will continue on as it has and that suits me fine," seems to be the reasoning. But the premise of this reasoning is flawed from the very beginning. As I wrote last month, the Law of Constant Change is forever active in our life, and will not allow stability. Change and more change is the nature of our lives. Understanding this, the wise person regularly initiates change in his or her life. For if we do not, then life itself will be the initiator. Even a stagnant pool does not remain the same but becomes more and more foul. So too inertia and fear of change attract the worst of circumstances, and are therefore to be avoided at all costs. As a stagnant pool will be refreshed by an inflow and outflow of rushing water, so too our lives are refreshed by an inflow of things new and different. Tips & Methods for Initiating Change [...]

Changes and Chapters in One’s Life — Part III

Changes and Chapters in One’s Life - Part III This is the final segment of our three-part series. For new readers we suggest you read part I first. Tips and Methods for Initiating Change 4. Wake Up To Your Potential All changes that are initiated by us in our life begin with an idea. We conceive of "a new way" to live our life. Life is extraordinarily fluid and receptive to change. This makes sense, since life itself consists of constant change. Change is actually easier than you think. Our life is ever receptive to our grand plans. Hidden tides and currents will carry us forward when we are true to our vision. Think about it. What can you not do when a new decision is backed by constant thoughts and action? The practice of Mind Power is the study and practice of manifestation. Manifest well and you help not only yourself but many others. Don’t be timid; make changes that enhance your life dramatically. The push towards closing one chapter of one’s life and opening a new one can have an epic quality to it. Catch the spirit of reinvention and the freshness, and enjoy the aliveness of a [...]

The Law of Constant Change

The Law of Constant Change In my courses, I teach the Law of Constant Change as a fundamental law of our life that needs to be both understood and harnessed if we are to have a happy and successful life. The Law states that everything in our life is in constant change, constantly in the process of becoming something else. Nothing stays exactly as it is. Nothing. Movement and change constitute the reality of our being. Our finances, our friendships, our career possibilities, our life opportunities, our health, our children, our parents, our daily activities, our insights, all are forever changing and becoming something else. To many this is a frightening and daunting phenomenon, as most of us crave stability, but stability is an illusion, and you and your circumstances will change whether you like it or not, whether you want them to or not, because they cannot and will not remain the same. It is the law and nature of who we are as human beings having this extraordinary experience of living a life. Here are a few keys that will assist you greatly in both understanding and harnessing this law, so that you can become an active and [...]

The Fundamental Truth of Who We Are — Part I

Mind Power: The Fundamental Truth of Who We Are - Part I Writer, mystic and philosopher, William James, wrote in 1900: The human individual … lives usually far within his limits; he possesses powers of various sorts which he habitually fails to use. James further went on to describe our “habit of inferiority” which first captures us and then locks us in our own self-imposed limitations. What is so frightening and insidious about this situation is that it mostly happens without us being conscious of it, and it happens at a very early age. By the time we have reached adulthood, most of us have been confined within the concepts we have constructed about ourselves and the world. We interpret the world both through our thoughts and our beliefs. What is real for us is what we think is real. But here we come to a fundamental truth of our being, and the implications of this truth are staggering. Namely, that not only do our thoughts and beliefs interpret our reality, but in a very real way they create our reality. “You are what you think,” is a true maxim, both for better and worse. For better, when we understand [...]

The Fundamental Truth of Who We Are — Part III

The Fundamental Truth of Who We Are - Part III In my previous article,  I spoke of how we operate from three different levels of consciousness, and I explained how the conscious mind works within this structure. This month I want to talk about the subconscious mind, for it is understanding and harnessing the power of our subconscious that gives us true happiness and personal power. For many people it comes as a surprise to learn that we have such a thing as a subconscious mind. The majority of humanity, as they try to lead meaningful lives and achieve their goals, remains in ignorance of this faculty. This is unfortunate, for to remain in ignorance of the subconscious is to remain in ignorance of the most powerful part of who we are. It is our subconscious mind that is the invisible director of our lives. All our work with mind power on a conscious level is in fact a process that influences and affects our subconscious. Our subconscious mind is much more receptive and has a greater capacity for attention than our conscious mind. Every event that has happened to us, every conversation we’ve had, every incident we've witnessed, down [...]

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