Affiliate Program — Home


Overview Tab
Balance = Amount of commission made.
Visitors = Number of times prospects have clicked on your affiliate link.
Closed Transactions = Number of sales generated by your referrals.
Revenue = Amount of commission earned for the period.

Sales Tab
Date Range = Sales generated by time period.
Refunds = Refund sales will continue to display in the Sales tab, but the refund information is shown in the Payment History tab.

Payment History Tab
Date Range = Date range to check your affiliate payments. Refunded orders will also be shown.

Creatives Tab
Affiliate Link Using Affiliate ID = Copy your affiliate link (ebook offer) to use in your campaign.
Referral URL Generator = Generate and copy affiliate link to another page of the site.
List of Creatives = HTML for images with embedded referral code.

Profile Tab
Contact Information = Keep information up-to-date.
Payment Details = Enter in your PayPal email to receive payment.